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This Random Videogame Powers Quantum Entanglement Experiments


IN OCTOBER 2016, while working in Rwanda, a biologist named Jordi Galbany heard about a new online game on one of his favorite podcasts, a Catalan-language radio show called "Versió Rac 1." Playing was simple, he learned: All you did was frantically press 1’s and 0’s as randomly as possible. Galbany was in. Between days of

Online copyright infringement is up


During the Napster wars, Bruce Schneier famously quipped, "Making bits harder to copy is like making water less wet." In the intervening years, legitimate/authorized services have grown and grown, generating more and more revenue for rightsholders and media companies. At the same time, copyright infringement has grown and grown -- and there's good evidence that…

Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media’


Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden ripped Facebook in a tweet Saturday after the social media giant suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm which worked worked for President Trump’s campaign. Facebook accused the firm on Friday of not deleting data it had improperly harvested from Facebook users, which number in the tens of millions,

How New York Got Screwed Out of the Internet of the Future


New York was supposed to be a model for how the modern city could launch high-speed internet for its residents. When the Bloomberg mayoral administration re-signed an agreement with Verizon in 2008, it required that the company wire all residential buildings with its fiber service, FiOS. The agreement was heralded by the press as a

Russians used fake social accounts to gather Americans’ personal data


It appears as though Russian interest in America and our political landscape wasn't limited to ads and bots. According to The Wall Street Journal, the country's influence campaign extended to gathering personal information on Americans. The Internet Research Agency, which is backed by the Russian government, used fake social media accounts to collect names, email addresses and

Battling for Ascendancy in 5G


5G is shorthand for fifth-generation wireless technology, and it essentially brings ultrafast wireless speeds to people. By sending billions of bits of data per second, up from peaks of hundreds of millions today, 5G could cut the time to download a movie to seconds. Other 5G features would allow autonomous cars and industrial equipment to reliably

U.S.-China Rivalry Is Technology


China, under President Xi Jinping, has launched an ambitious plan to dominate mobile technology, supercomputers, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge industries, putting huge resources behind an effort that it considers crucial to the country’s government, military and economy. Beijing wants to build its own technology champions and is encouraging companies to acquire the engineering, expertise

Doctor-Patient Relations in the Internet Age


The availability of health data on the internet has its benefits. Online, for example, we can find explanations and solutions for symptoms we might be too embarrassed, or afraid, to discuss with another person, in person. Or, for life-threatening diseases, we can locate clinical trials our doctors may not be aware of. However, there’s also

China Presses Its Internet Censorship


SHANGHAI — Within its digital borders, China has long censored what its people read and say online. Now, it is increasingly going beyond its own online realms to police what people and companies are saying about it all over the world. For years, China has exerted digital control with a system of internet filters known

Will Twitter’s New “Conversational Health” Initiative Really Fix The Online World? — Forbes Real Time


Will Twitter’s new "conversational health" initiative be a powerful tool for fixing Twitter or will we merely have a pretty window through which to watch the decline of online civility and perhaps ultimately the collapse of the world itself? via Will Twitter's New "Conversational Health" Initiative Really Fix The Online World? — Forbes Real Time