Kingsboro Misc

Ken Diamond
235 East 81st Street, Apt. 2FE New York, NY 10028
May 9, 1994
John Dillon
Field Representative
136 Church Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10007
Dear John Dillon,

  • In this present letter I will once again reiterate some of my concerns. As always, I will be available for further discussion or to provide additional copies of documents. Please be aware that I am talking about a clear and consistent pattern of retaliation that has been going on for numerous years. I believe Kingsboro has tried to confuse, cover-up and otherwise prevent a resolution to the issues. Note that, although the time I have available to compose this letter is minimal, I feel that you deserve a prompt reply to your letter. In return, I hope you are aware that I deserve a prompt response to this current letter, as I may need to soon consider other alternatives to resolving my concerns.

    1. Unsubstantiated charges against my workI have been reported to the Office of Professional Discipline a minimum of three times for unsubstantiated charges of professional misconduct at Kingsboro. I refer you to the copy of a letter from The Office of Professional Discipline given to Richard Casagrande, General Counsel of PEF. In this letter it states that I am being charged by Kingsboro of professional misconduct in relationship to my reduced clinical privileges. Copies of this letter were given to Ms. Schuster and Mr. Smith as well. ( Also see letters addressed to Mr. Casagrande dated September 8, 1991 and November 3, 1991.) Since that time I continue be subjected to similar charges and, despite numerous protests, the union has failed to act.
      I may once again have to respond to charges of professional misconduct against me when my license comes up for renewal this September. I have requested that Kingsboro give me a written explanation as to what , if any, the specific charges are so that I can prepare a response. I have specifically asked several PEF representatives for help in this matter (details available) yet they have failed to act.
      I had been unable to get a PEF evaluation since December of 1988. Such a document would identify problem areas in my work and provide a basis for correcting them, certainly helpful in dealing with the severe charges being made against my work . The union did nothing about this and the Office of the Inspector General had to intervene. The evaluation I finally did receive several months ago, came only after the intervention of the Inspector General’s Office. It was very positive and identified no problems areas.
    2. Improper work assignmentWhen I raised concerns for patients’ welfare in a transcribed meeting of February 9, 1989, I was immediately barred from my office, reassigned to do extremely inappropriate and degrading work, and otherwise harassed. I wrote to the then president of PEF of my concerns and Bill Smith and Roy Owens were assigned to help me. They accomplished next to nothing. After a good part of the year functioning as a library clerk unable to work with patients, I contacted my lawyer who almost immediately had me reassigned as a remediation instructor.
      After again protesting my work assignment, I was reassigned the work of a social work assistant and the harassment on me intensified; despite numerous discussions with the union. Nothing happened until I contacted the Civil Service Commission on June 22, 1991, with whose intervention I was transferred to my current present at Geriatric/Infirmary Services.
      I am currently assigned the position of Scribe, which consists of secretarial duties (writing up notes from meetings, and I go on sending form letters to patients’ families, etc.) On June 21, 1991 Mr. Jorawar handed me the job description for The Psychologist I and told me that he would correct any out-of-title work that I was given. He has failed to do so. (Also see letter dated June 22,1991 addressed to Patricia Lambert, Executive Director, Kingsboro and cc’d to Bill Smith)

  • Sincerely yours,
    Ken Diamond, Ph.D.

  • 22* * NEW YORK POST, THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 1994

  • By Al GUART
    Kingsboro operated on
    day administration of the facility,” Spoor said.
    ties became alarmed when the exorcist, the
    A strange brew of religion and psychiatry was
    ,eing dished out at the Kingsboro Psychiatric enter in Brooklyn long before one of its mental
    ,atients underwent a state-sanctioned exor­
    ·ism, The Post has learned.
    large doses of religion
    “We did not want it
    brought into the facility, and in some cases it was upsetting workers.”
    Spoor also confirmed
    Most Reverend Prophet Alpha Omega Bundu, hit them with a $12,000 bill for his services.
    The state is investigating
    Sources told T·he Post that:
  • Kingsboro executive director Patricia Lambert egularly opened staffnee ings with pray rs eekmg heavenly gmd-
    ceive $10 million a year in federal funding.

    • The pulpit at the church where the exor­cism was performed was made in Kingsboro’s car­
      of Mental Health.
      Spoor confirmed many of the reports.
      He said OMH regional director Robert Hetten­ bach ordered Lambert to
      reports that several high-ranking Kingsboro officials attended the ex­ orcism of Alphonse Pecou, who became a pa­ tient at the facility after
      reports that the pulpit for Bundu was made in the Kingsboro carpentry shop. Sources said the pulpit – now called a podium – has been moved back to the fa­
  • Days before Kings­>0ro was to be inspected or accreditation last
    ,ear, Thomas Sanni, the
    :enter’s former business
    lit candles and
    holy water
    throughout the building
    in hopes of increasing the center’s chances.
  • Lambert hung a ban­ ner declaring “God Loves KPC” outside the facility last May after it became eligible to re- ·
  • pentry shop.
    A Lambert aide said Kingsboro’s executive di­ rector would not be available for comment, and referred all calls to Richard Spoor, spokes­ man for the state Office
    stop using prayer at
    meetings and to take down the banner after staff members com­ plained.
    “We advised her to no longer use religious practices in the day-to-
    he hacked his wife to
    death and set her on fire in front of their four chil­ dren.
    Spoor refused to dis- close the officials’ na mes.
    The Post reported last week that state authori-

  • Sanni, who was Kings­ boro’s business officer and is a member of Bun­ du’s church, was demoted and transferred to the Queens Children’s Psychi­ atric Center after the ex­ orcism.

  • Consumers win in ‘final’ contest pact
    Friday, February 24, 1989 KSI 1
    ‘; ., .
    Kingsboro P_
  • Daily News Staff Writer
    Bosses at Brooklyn’s Kings­
    Center accused of delaying sex-drug probe
    to say who is to blame. That’s
    one of the things we have to look at.”
    boro Psychiatric Center de­
    layed by months the current
    place blame until investiga­
    tions at the facility are con­
    of one of Kingsboro’s 14
    found that some incidents
    went unreported on the 147
    Spoor said dditional train­ ing in incident-reporting pro­
    probe into sex and drugs
    among adolescent patients, a union official at the mental health facility charged yes­ terday.
    Bob Nurse. head of Un i nn Local 402 of the Civil Service Employes Association, said that staff workers-under or­ ders from managers who are no longer at the hospital-im­ properly reported the inci­ dents, thus delaying inv sti­ gations.
    State Office of Mental Health (OMH) officials admit­ ted that some incidents among ado lescents in the fa. cility were improperly re­ ported, but were unwilling to
    ‘Documented a year ago!’ The OMH revealed last week that it was investigating
    allegations of heterosexual sex and drug use among pa­ tients between 12 a·nd 17 last year at the 28-acre campus in East Flatbush.
    “The action that should
    have taken place a year ago is taking place now,” charged Nurse, referring to the Kings­ boro investigat. Jn, which be­ ga,n Fe b. 7. “Employes docu­ mented the inf’ormatlon a year ago!”
    The incidents occurred last summer on abandoned floors
    The u nio ·n official ex­
    plained that the reports were noted in report logs, commu­ nications logs and an inci­ dent log book. The employes did so, he contended, on the orders of management work­ ers who are no longer with Kings boro.
    OMH confirmation
    Nurse noted that the inci­ dents were not recorded on what is called the Number 147 incident form, the proper form for documenting unusu­ al occurrences, so they did not get special attention.
    Robert Spoor, OMH spokes­ man, said investigators have
    But in response to Nurse’s charges that management should be held accountable for the improper incident re­ porting, Spoor said the OMH will learn who is responsible for the errors when the inves­ tigation is concluded.Training scheduled
    “Some incidents that should have been reported weren’t reported, and ifs true that some incidents were found that were not re­ ported on 147 forms,” conced­
    ed Spoor. “But it’s too early
    cedures will be conducted at the site within a few days.
    Nurse said he feels his
    . union members are being subjected to retaliation as scapegoats for tardy manage­ ment action on the matter, adding that some of them are being suspended without just ca use .
    Spoor said two union work­ ers, therapy aides, have been suspended-but with pay­ until investigations into their actions are completed. He also said that a unit chief and the director of community services for children and youth have been transfe rred.
    Getwell, Officer Gunn!

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  • Exorcised maniac’s madly

  • in love with hosp worker

    The Brooklyn wife-killer wl\o underwent a state-sanctioned ex­ orcism is having an affair wittl an employee of the tnental insti­ tution where he ls a patient, The Post has learned. ·
    Alphonse Pecou, 43, apparently fell madly in love with a female worker at the state r un Kingjll· boro Psychiatric Center, a spokesman for the state Depart­ ment of Mental Health con· firmed yesterda y.
    “Apparently, Mr. Pecou has had a relationship with a food­ service worker, and the facility recently became aware of it,” spokesman Robert Spoor s aid.
    “It is a boyfriend-girlfriend sort of thing.”
    Sources inside the f cility told
    past, the faclllty ls extending the ban to include all employees.
    “We feel it’s not acceptable behavior, and the facility strongly believes it must be stopped,” Spoor said.
    Pecou was committed to Kingsboro after he was found not guilty of murder by. r eas on of in­ sanity in 1982.
    Described as a religious zealot, Pecou hacked his 32-year-old wife to death with a machete and
  • set her on fire in front of their . four children.He later walked into the 78th Precinct in Crown Heights clutching a Bible and told cops: “I’m Jesus Christ. It’s all in here [the Bible). I killed my wife.”
    . The Post reported Tuesday that Kingsboro authorized an ex­

  • The Post that Pecou – who · killed his wife in a religious rage in 1980 – has a sexual relation­ ship with the employee.’
    Spoor would not comment on the nature of the relationship. ·
    Spoor said Klngsboro has a policy prohibiting fraternization between patients and clinical staff but because of Pecou’s
    orcism of Pecou last May. The
    st te washit with a $12,000 bill for the ser vice . Officials refused to pay the bill and launched an investigation.
    The exorcist, the Most Rever­ end Prophet Alpha 0. Bundu, maintains the ritual helped Pecou and that the state owes him the money.
    Drugs and Sex Investigated At Kingsboro
    Brooklyn Center’s Unit Of Adolescents Involved
    State mental health officials are investi­ gating charges that adolescent patients at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center in Brooklyn used abandoned rooms on the aging 28-acre campus to have sex and to use drugs .
    The allegations come less than a month after an investigation by the State Commis­ sioner of Mental Health found that staff members at a New York State psychiatric center near Buffalo had ,had sex with young children and that children had been pres­ sured by older children into having sex with each other.
    The Commissioner’s office called the
    practices at the West Seneca, N.Y., institu­ tion an “anomaly” limited to that institu­
    e an apartment building in Brooklyn yesterday after a fire killed four young children. Offi­
      • ‘ with matches in a bedroom whose door was blocked by a mattress.
  • n Burn to Death in Brooklyn Fire


grandson were killed in a fire ignited by a


Steve Osborne, a spokesman for the State Office of Mental Health which operates Kingsboro and other state mental health centers, said yesterday that the Kingsboro investigation shows “close to 40” incidents of heterosexual sex and drug use among some of the adolescent unit’s 27 patients,

laying with matches

  • . ehind a blocked doorcigarette and nail polish, and a man died of smoke inhalation in another small fire.
    The victims in the Bedford-Stuyvesant fire were identified as Chantell Glenora Murray, 8 years old; Lenora Murray, 5; Rubie Murray, 4, and Joseph Raspberry, 5. The girls were the children of Devoria Mur­
    who range in age from 12 to 17.
    Suspensions and Transfers
    Thus far there are no reports that adults were involved, but some of the sexual activi­ ties were apparently known to the staff, Mr. Osborne said. He ·said two mental health therapy aides h!\Ve been suspended with
    ray, 32, and Charles Dalton; the boy was the
    son of Gail Murray, who is Devoria Mur­
    pay, the director of community services of children and youth

the Manhattan regional office, and a unit chief has been reassigned to a division treat­ ing adults.

“Obviously, the supervision was not ade­ quate if this was going on,” Mr. Osborne said. “The activity was going on for several months, especially in the summer.”

“The sexual activity was consensual, but th y’re adolescents,” he said. “It was chil­ dren having sex with children . We found condoms, we found drug paraphernalia – crack and marijuana, crack mostly.”

Investigators acted on an anonymous tip to the state child abuse hot lirie and the State Commission on Quality of Care for the Men­ tally Dis able d.

An article in The New York Post yester­ day that described the state investigation

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– –

Mental hosps hit on chaos


Daily News Staff Writer

A state mental health watchdog has found that Kingsboro and Manhattan psychiatric centers were so negligent that two violent patients were allowed to walk away and commit murder. ·

And Clarence Sundram charges that Kingsboro is a powder keg of overcrowded,



violent, d r ug-a dd icte d pa­ tients who are served by ill-

. trained doctors.

••:·•• :1 11!.!JS.Jj :J•••••••




Sundram, head of the state Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Dis­ abled , delivered his blistering critique of the state s mental health hospitals last week in a little-noticed Assembly hear– · ing.

In his testimony, Sundram cited “human error , staff neg­ ligence and failure to follow required procedure …….: multi­ ple examples 6f which were found in the commissions in­ vestigations of the incidents at both Manhattan and Kings ­ boro and which created condi­ tions that allowed these trage­ dies to occur.

  • Only a fraction of the pa­ tients with drug and alcohol problems get into treatment programs , but they have little trouble obtaining drugs inside the hospital.
  • Many of Kingsboro’s pa­ tients have criminal histories and addiction proble ms, but many of the staff psychiatrists have ‘·no significant formal clinical training in substance abuse or alcoholism or foren­ sic psychiatry.”
  • The state Office of Mental Health “has been lacking or ineffective in identifying and correcting the preceding long­ standing problems.It



    Sundram yesterday refused
    to discuss his upcoming report to the state Office of Mental Health.
    But in his five-month exami­ nation ofKingsboro, he found :

    • Hospital wards are packed, sometimes at more than twice their capacity. Often thereA spokeswoman for the mental health office declined to comment and instead sent a copy of the agency s remarks before the committee. In it, agency officials said they have improved security since Gov. Pataki took office.
      Sundram s commission be-
      arent enough chairs for ev­. gan investigating Kingsboro
      eryone to sit.
  • The crammed conditions
  • create tension and viole nce. Over a 46-day period late last year, Sundrams staff counted 67 fights among patients and 17 attacks on staff membe rs.
    • Violent patie nts, often with a criminal past, are frequently mixed with other patients who are left at their me rcy.after an inmate escaped in November and returned with a knife to kill a fellow patient. The probe was expanded to Manhattan Psychiatric Center after an inmate with a history of escapes walked away from the hospital in January and pushed a grandmother in front of an oncoming su,b
      By AL GUART
      A Brooklyn exorcist who claims he drove demons · from a murderous mental patient says the state is trying to stiff him for
      J12,000·. ,‘-
      . s ta te officials main­ tained they would pay only
      $500 for the time the exor­ cist spent providing
      • “spiritual counseling.” “They owe me $12,000
  • a nd they must pay it,” said
    .State must pay me 12G for evicting killer’s devils’
    occasions last May.
    But when Bundu claimed he rid Pecou of his demons
    session in him ,” sa id Bundu, a native of Sie n:a Leone in West Africa.
    During the exorcism, Bundu said he and sever a l churc h membci-11 gathered around Pecou who was heavily medica ted and sit ­ ting in a chair 1and began reciting t blical Psalms.
    Pecou, res ponding only with “Amens,” was then immer sed in holy water
    and annointed with olive
    st the sta\e Department
  • · the _· Most Reverend

and submitted the bill for


New York Post: Anlh.ny Fioranelli

. NO DIICOUNTI: Most Reverend Alpha Bundu tells yesterday why he thinks wrestling with a dP-mon for three daus is worth $12.000.

Prophet Alpha Omega Bundu, spiritual head of the United Church of Salvation.

“They could not tell a doctor they refuse to pay. . How ·can 1 work if I don’t eat?” he asked.

The Post reported yester­ day that officials at Kings­ boro Psychiatric Center i n Brooklyn authorized Bundu to perform t}Je ex­ orcism on 43-year-old Al­ phonse Pecou.

Described as a religious fanatic, Pecou hacked his wife to death with a· ma· chete and set her on fire in

front of his four children in


He was found not guilty of · murder by reason of in­ sanity in 1982 and commit­ ted to the Klngsboro faclllty. He was taken to Bundu for “culturally sensitlve” splrlt-

u.n I P.n11nR.P1ino- nn ao,,,n..a 1

his services, state Depart­ ment of Mental Health offi­ cials launched an Investi­ gation and refused payment. · 4

Bundu insisted the state owes him for three days oi fasting before the exor­ cism and for the cost of . holy water, olive oil and candles used to repel evil spirits.

“We are self-supporting,” he said of his storefront church on Washingtoo Avenue in Prospect

. Heig hts.

Wearing a double- breasted wine-colored suit with a diamond-studded gold “Jesus” pin on his lapel, Bundu said he Ini­ tially was terrified of Pecou.

“When I first saw him I

was afraid because you

rnn)/’I GOA th rt.c..-n.nnl a-

“Before I helped him he was very bad off,s a id B undu, who founded hi.s ow n church in Liber ia In 19’17. “I will tell you he im­ pr o\’ed very much.

“Now he wants to be iike you and me.”

Rober t Spoor, a spokes· man for the state Depc.r ment of Mental H;?a lt h, said experts found thfll Pecou did not benefit from the exorcism.

“Thee was no d rama tic im provement,” Spoor sa id, adding: “Neitner . did his head apin.”

Spoor said Thomas Sanni, the Klngs boro ad· ‘j ‘ininis tr ator who was a I me mber of Bund 1&s co n­

gr egation and arranged for Pecou’s e xor ch m, was transfered to ano the r fa­ cility and dEmotE<I after the state learned of the es

. .

1 !,

·- – – – – – · .







ALBANY, NEW YORK 12210·2895

(518) 4 73-4090

(TDD) 1·800·624-4143

May 15: 1992

ilizabeth W. Stack

William P. Benjamin


i-lls, Elizabeth R. Schuster Associate Counsel

Public Employees Federation, AFL-CIO 1168-70 Troy-Schenectady Road

P.O. Box 12414 Albany, NY 12212-2414

Dear Ms. Schuster:

Your letter of April 28, 1992 to Ray Barron was referred to me as the Commission’s records access officer under the State’s “freedom of information” law (Public Officers Law, Article 6).

You are correct that information provided by psychologist Dr. Kenneth L. Diamond was used in an investigation of multiple alleged·i_n, cidentsof abuse and neglect of children and other related matters at Kingsboro Psychiatric Center. When the Commission began its investigation of the incidents reported by Dr. Diamond, other additional incidents were discovered and the enclosed letter of findings was sent to the facility director.

As you know, specific child abuse/neglect case findings are precluded from disclosure under the above law and other statutory provisions. A copy of the facility’s response is also enclosed.

I trust this responds to your request.

Sincerely yours,

Gary w. Masline, JD MSW Executive Assistant

to the Chairman

GWM:gc Enclosures

cc: Clarence Sundram Elizabeth Chura

/ /

sudjda, or prayer mark – came from the five da il y devotions in which the hc-ad is pres i;ed to the ground and not

from ashes d isi ribute d by a pr ie s t.

· ····


But larger misu nderstanding s have been correct ed. Despite the recent flareup ove r Mr. Rushdie’s book a nd

highly public ized terrorist incid ents

Kingsboro Is l n·vestigated on Sex and Drug Charge s

. }:{


abroad in the name of jihad, or holy war.the stereotypes of Muslims as ·fa ­ naties app<>ar to be slowly changini;:. One c x:un ph • of the t:han c is the ,·c­ lTlll Ji’ns1un hy the Un 1t,·d Sta t t·s lo open a dialogue wuh the l’ a lcs ti 111an

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said the informant was a staff mem­ tx>r.

Mr. Osbo rne said the sta te men tal health de pa rtment and Kingsboro offi­

‘Obviously, the

superv1s1on was

not adequate.’


ary that children between the ages of 5 and 12 had been involved in a “sex club” at the Western New York Chil­ dren’s Psychiatric Center in West

Seneca. Children in the “club” had sex

ported 11 incidents of drug use and seual activity in Building 10 on the 28- acre Kingsboro campus in the Flat­ bush section of Brooklyn, a spokesman



for the State Commission on Quality of I

with adult staff members or were in­

timidated into performing sex acts with each other to become members, investigators said.

Scandal Prompted Surveys

That inquiry, focusing on the period between March and September last year, revealed 19 incidents of sexual abuse, 15 involving 36 children and four involving three staff members. The management of the center was aware of the activity but took no steps to stop it, the chairman of the State Commis­ sion on Quality of Care said. ·

T.hat scandal prompted Dr. Richard

C. Surles, State Commissioner of Men­ tal Health, to conduct two daylong sur­ veys at three of the state’s six chil­ dren’s psychiatric centers and at five of the seven children’s units connected

Care for the Mentally Disabled, Gary

Mas line, said yesterday.

Locks Were Picked.

Investigators soon discovered more incidents, he said.

There were a couple of the origina l 11 incidents that wer known to staff, apparently,” Mr . Osbvrne said. I be­ lieve they were sexual incidents . That s being gone over now.”

. The children at Kingsboro eat on the first floor of Building IO, which also has a medical unit and a legal services de­ partment. The upperwfloors of the 17- story building, full of old beds and dormitory furniture, were supposed to be locked. Mr. .Osborne said the locks were picked.

Kingsboro last made headlines last

August when a state o(emergency was

to adult psychiatric centers. “Thus far, declared after crowdiflg reached what

I’ve heard of no parallel to what was happening at Western New York,” Dr. Surles said at the time. “We believe it’s an anomaly.”

state officials called “crisis propor­ tions.” Patients slept in hallways and iil four hour shifts to accommodate the overflow. In October of 1987, a dozen

k::;::;:; ;; ;: ::·;,...

The Nt’ w York Times/Chester Hi AAi n s Jr.

The state investigators came to employees were arrested on charges of

. Bui ldi ng IO at the Kingsboro Psy­

Kingsboro “and none of these young­ sters reported any of these incidents,” Mr. Osborne said yesterday . “Then we got them in and questioned them and one youngster said this and another youngster s?,.id that.”

Then, in .,anuary, an informant re0

selling drugs and abusing patients. “This hospital is very old, this plant

is very old and the staff is working in miserable conditions,” Mr. Osborne said. “They’re working very hard and this last incident sort of shook the unit up.

chiatric Center in Bro ok ly n. State officials are invest igating ch a rges that young patie nts used vacant rooms in the building to ha ve sex and to use dru gs.

The Ps