Queensboro Psychiatric

First week initiation by the posse. I was given the posse: the kids that staff couldn’t control.

The posse initiated me. Three of them came into my office  one on each side and one behind me. The one behind me put me in a chock hold which they had seen on TV wrestling. The door had been locked. I banged my feet on the wall before I lost consciousness.

The ring leader Calvin was my first presentation at this meeting.  Calvin I got much feedback on how I should have handled it. Don’t let him know you are afraid (all other staff accomplished this by avoiding him).

Then the “administation’s initiation :
Administration Craig response: you should have handled it better.

Community Meetings:

Where the patients could discuss in front of staff any problems they were having. The staff had announcements of events for the day (which rarely took place… and how to deal with the problems which were presented. (A new ping-pong was expected within the next two months)

The subject of the possess came up. Report to staff and/or community meeting any incidences there or if you felt uncomfortable to a staff you trusted.

It was assumed that once it was reported it would be taken care of. Although no one saw anything taking care of afterwards,  no one folowed up.

where the abuse is ventilated and dealt with “therapeutically” but contained and not documented

The log book at the nurse’s station :  entries were pibrforhand with a supervisor

After Community Meeting Staff Meeting

Staff  Meetings:

Staff meetings with individual patients…  Treatment plan discussed in great detail, all staff heads involved … Mark somewhat obese, passive, … nervous, frequently readjusts his eyeglasses … is an obedient patient passively (as staff wishes, since they have two more to get through) and then when offered a chance for his input asks for a pair of eyeglasses that fit.

Everyone just seemed dedicated to doing the less work possible. The staff meetings provided the verbiage to accomplish this. The Head took notes and sometimes interrogated, sometimes complimentary and infrequently would severely criticize But you had to attend the staff meetings or you didn’t know what not to do to get any work done.

Staff heads,  medical staff, and administrators attended the staff meetings. All those who worked directly with the patients didn’t. I attended because I was the  only psychologist there and thus represented the psychology departmentCraig, the team leader, got the cream of the crop. His favorite was a well behaved female youngster. He often brought up her progress in staff meetings as an example of how to work with patients. No one of the staff gave him criticism because he didn’t seem to want or need it.

Direct care workers did all the work. Aides, maintenance staff had some of the closest contacts with


Neither patient or staff follows up on these treatment plans… and   the same basic plan is often repeated with added words like continued etc.

Notes were taken by the Director/ Chief,  … a scribe who was in charge of the official recording of the meetings. (see The Written Word)

echnique first developed at Queensboro…. assigned to Quality Assurance  who had me in administration building where able to break into their computer system

Patient lawyer was invested in making people shit n their pantsDr. Noman implemented the narrative his characters: those who who didn’t hold the line… rewriting characters stories (patients and staff)   like a bureaucratic George Kelly

The testing case with red flags of child abuse with Dr. Noman … he both agreed that the State investigation would take care of the historical truth … but we disagreed as to what the tests revealed about the narrative truth…

then Queensboro”s Library at where connected same and  delivered messages  and connected Intenret . Librarian was Russian and understood my plight

Psychology Department met in one of the back rooms… I was neither invited nor had the courage to attend.

then The Learning Center

the concept of mediation

Organizational coverups : child abuse and politics

Team meeting where the agenda was how to have me  killed

there I had little doubts of the historical truth of what I was witnessing because the attempts at cover up and retaliation were difficult to ignore. It  was the behavior of others both organized communal and  personal idiosyncratic on the surface but communally consistant underneath that …  the guiding thought was not to give in to the pressures and and continue on my journey to the end.
the consisency and lack of doubt that I was I was acting with self integrity was reassuring

able to focus on my work

in therapy embrace doubt about yourself because that’s the only why I could enter into the transferential space

virtual reality as a transferential space …

the Death of Socrates