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The Voynich Manuscript

Dr D,

I find this interesting and would like to study it some more but here a is a brief observation I made after a few minutes.




After looking at a few of the picture I noticed something.  In the first picture what seems to be a plant, I don’t think is a plant.  First of all, what seem to be the roots are not roots, it’s a stand.  THis is clear because not only is it being held up on the right, left, then the fourth right “stick?” is protruding forwards, then the next stick to the right is holding it from the back. It is an illusion that shows this “thing” being elevated by this elevated base type thing. Now  another interesting thing is that the green thing that looks like leaves isn’t leaves.  you can tell because the coloring is behind what looks like the stem type thing that connects the base to the green coloring.

Holy fuck I just saw something.  The 5 spces that are not colored in the green area look like commas, but flip it upside down and it’s 666 vertical and 666 horizontal, both sharing  the same 6. I think the piece that connects the base to the coloring is blowing out this energy/fire or something and this energy is of 666.  I wanted to go into this without rushing into “oh it’s demonic” so quick but just from this one picture it looks like that might be the case?



In the second picture what they claim to be roots are actually another elevated base type object, a leg on the left, a leg on them right, and a leg in the front, all separated in 120 degree increments.

Again in the third picture down what look like plants are standing on some sort of a table with many legs, but in the fourth picture down, the “plants” roots seem to be normal. mThere has to be significance the the difference between what look like plants that are elevated on a stand and the ones with normal roots.

League of Legions

Chris, What about some videos (with your comments) from your League of  Legends  games? DocDee


The first game of league of legends I ever played, I didn’t have the slightest fucking clue what was going on.  It was different because in AOE 3, you commanded armies and had multiple different troops attacking, and doing different things. I like that this was not the case in LOL, because I wanted something different. You only control one “champion” in LOL.  Anyone who makes a new account starts at level 1. You have to play against AI until level 3.  The first champ I ever played was Dr. Mundo, It is very hard to find a comprehensive guide online on how to play.  Throughout my leauge career I learned 99.1% of everything on my own. At first I didn’t even know enemy from ally.  I didn’t know that each champ has 4 moves, I didn’t know what you had to do to win, I didn’t know anything. 
To be a successful league player, you have to be familiar with not only between 150-200 champs, you have to know every champs 4 moves, their “passive” which is a characterisic that makes each champ unique, you have to know the range of every ability. Their cooldowns (how long it takes for each move to be useable, after boing used) You need to know the map inside out, what compositions of champs work well together and which don’t. You have to know the traits of, and viability of approximately 200 items, how much gold they cost, and which work well with what champ, and when to and not to use them situaltionally depending on your enemy’s, or ally’s item build. Other than picking up a tip here and a tip there, I learned this all on my own over the course of about 4 years.
I always sucked at the game until the day I quit.  I invested in LOL probably more than I did in skateboarding. It has always been difficult for me to leave things behind, especially when I have invested large amounts of time and effort towards the habit, or activity, especially when I haven’t successfully conquered “it”, what ever “it” may be. I always felt, “Well, I’ve put this much time and energy into “insert here”, if I leave it behind now, the last X amount of time and energy would have gone to nothing and it would be a complete waste of time”. To keep this relatively short, after about 2 years of religiously playing 8 to 14 hours a day, I was still getting destroyed.  There are two main methods of gameplay. Normals, and ranked. In normals,






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