One was an ax murderer at Kingsboro (in turn based on ax murderer and patient I directly worked with in The Learning Center who had also killed his father. He was hard to get close to because among other things he stank. We sat as close together as either of us could tolerate (he because he was afraid of getting too close to anyone else the demons in him will murder again and I because of the smell). He learned  computers by playing Leisure Suit Larry which heA Brooklyn exorcist who claims he drove demons · from a murderous mental patient says the state ls trying to stiff him for f12,000. •,

was difficult to establish a relationship  started siting  close together  for increasing periods of time facing a desktop computer and engage in the same game space. Actually, we played King’s Quest and Space  Quest??? We seemed to share a sense of magic … he was amazed  that the story was unfolding with someone who was sharing it with him.

The screen was at the right distance … close enough to be inside your head but far enough to allow a transferential space. a transferential space at the same time for virtual reality and a shared interpersonal space.


Newspaper Articles

NEW YORK (AP) – A Brooklyn man who allegedly stabbed his wife to death and then set her body on fire in the presence of the couple’s children was arrested today on charges of murder and arson, according to police.

Police said the 28-year-old man, Alphonso Pecou, walked into the 78th Precinct station early today clutching a bible and told officers, “I’m Jesus Christ. It’s all in here (the Bible). I killed my wife.”

Detectives arriving at the couple’s fourth-floor apartment at 611 V Vanderbilt Ave., in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn found the smoldering body of Betty Ann Pecou, lying face up on a bloody bed with a machete protruding from her chest.

Police said the couple had been arguing, although they did not know the subject of the dispute. Earlier, police had indicated that Pecou said he had killed his wife because “the devil made me do it.”

By TRACY CONNOR  |  Aug. 16, 1994

NEW YORK, Aug. 16 — New York State’s mental health agency paid $500 for an attempted exorcism on a man who hacked to death his wife with a machete more than a decade ago, officials said Tuesday. Robert Spoor, a spokesman for the Office of Mental Health, said Alpha Bundu received the $500 as payment for spiritual counseling, which included his aborted attempt to drive demons from the body of Alphonso Pecou. A full exorcism carries a bill of $12,000, Spoor said. Pecou, 43, who has been institutionalized as insane since 1982 for the slaughter of his wife in front of their four children, visited Bundu’s Brooklyn home several times for the unorthodox treatment, Spoor said. ‘There was a procedure done, organized by some members of the staff, ‘ he said. ‘When we found out about it, we immediately interceded and brought in a psychiatric consultant,’ he said. ‘The consultant informed us that the exorcistic ritual was usurping psychiatric treatment, and we immediately ordered the procedure be discontinued,’ he said. Bundu, who did not return calls Tuesday, operates the United Church of Salvation out of his apartment. Spoor said he claims to be a prophet and adheres to the Christian Bible. The idea for the exorcism came from several staff members at the Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, where Pecou resides, Spoor said. ‘They apparently felt that spiritual counseling might be helpful to his case,’ the spokesman said. ‘One of the middle managers at Kingsboro, who we found out belonged to Minister Bundu’s church, suggested he be seen by the pastor.’

Bundu told Kingsboro officials that Pecou was possessed by demons and scheduled several more visits. Meanwhile, a member of Kingsboro’s clinical staff complained to higher-ups about the turn of events. ‘It was their feeling that what the minister was doing went beyond the boundaries of spiritual counseling,’ Spoor said of the whistle- blower, adding that the person who arranged the sessions was demoted and transferred. He said that after treatment commenced Bundu sent the agency a bill. ‘It said that in order to perform the task — to exorcise the demons — it would cost about $12,000. When the issue was brought to us, we said, ‘Absolutely not for such a non-traditional treatment.” He added, ‘We did allow the facility to make a $500 donation to the pastor, which is the same donation for any spiritual counseling.’


Understanding Chris

When reality became too stressful his delusions and hallucinations came to the fore.

If you challenged his delu and hall too much he would become discombaulated

You had to reflect back with just the right amount of reality-formulation … The amount that he could tolerate without him feeling intruded upon.

When the demons came the focus was on not engaging (which was their agenda) but ignoring

[question]I’m unsure whether you think it’s me or my delusions.[/question] [answer]How do you see the difference? [/answer] [question]I’m real, my delusions are not, even if I can’t tell the one from the other. I thought you were the one who could differentiate between the two.[/question] [answer]You are your delusions. Read my notes on “Narrative Truths, Historical Truths,” or better yet read the book and tell me what you think.I am becoming God to his Christ.[/answer]

Psychologists at Queensboro were trained in Exorcism, a part of the institution’s community outreach program. I thus enlisted my “training” there with Chris

Job and his story

Job: You don’t worship God by being his puppet.

God will take all you fortunes away, but you don’t have many to begin with

developed relationship with accuser on computer, but rarely talked with him directly

Therapy enters a new phase when he gets in touch with web child abuse incidences.

As Christ (working closely with God) he is able to send all who those who fucked with his mind to hell.

over-identification  with the Christ within. (Jungian over-identification of archetypes)

comments from another Christ who feels that i am not protecting his “earthly identity”… and another who claims to be the only real Christ a la Milton Rokeach

apophenia and the Internet …. on the Internet it’s hard to know if your schizophrenic or not

other patients who were living in hell: the first aids patient

Chris who was there because he was angry that he was left alone after parents died and aunt couldn’t deal with his insane behavior

the use of Space Quest to build a narrative and carrierd it along   with the Internet after I left Queensboro

needs to be in real time

My own attempts to get out of Queensboro and establish my own private practice parrallel Chris’s.

Religious but not yet Christ… however, he would need to be Christ if he was to defeat the devil. The abuse at Queensboro… experience Christ-like punishment.

The boundaries of ego, body and identity

Continum from ideas of reference  to command hallucinations
you are successful defeated the devil in his physical attempts to engage you and now the last battle will be in your head … in your dreams and in your interpretation of signs that other people give you

the signals either coming from the devil or misinterpreting a la Job

In order to absorb the abuse he had become Christ-like. I ended up mediating between God and Christ. By embracing the Christ within  I could reach out closer to God than Chris.

The more he could touch the historical truth of the abuse … to verbalized  and to share and thus ventilate it the less fantasistical the narrative became. This involves the use of a more realistic (historically believable) narrative. Use of Socratic dialogue to effect this.

Administration able to come up with a more realistic narrative truth and used a coverup to do battle with the historical truth which lay underneath.

The Quality of Care department was responsible for this under the guidance of Department of Human Resources undeer the rule of the Executive Director. Diamond hacked into their network

The Double Nihilism of Sartre.

Three Christs’ of Ypsilanti


Playing video game accusation: I told them that you were one of the abusers yet you didn’t hold it against me

Chris discharged to father