Six Characters Searching



Juggling Job





Rising above it all

Peace of Mind

Narrative Truth, Historical Truth

Narrative truth involves the connections between events, which are not verifiable because they are based on values, interpretations, and emotions. A memory has narrative truth when it captures an experience to the satisfaction of those telling and listening to it. Narrators who focus on historical truth see themselves as “archivists,” guarding original records and trying to keep them pristine, while those who focus on narrative truth are “mythmakers,” creating a story “that speaks to the heart as well as the mind” and “seeks to know the truth and generate conviction about the self.” (Unknown Source)

Dee: Clinical, Curation, Truth, Consciousnesses

Jerry: Identity, Kazuinski,

Jill: Jung, Consciousness

Chris: Games, Christ

Trickster: Magic (not in this book, but in Play)

Laura: Abuse, Identity

Lisa: Overcoming, Collage