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Witnessing Adult Relationships

The best way to achieve adult love is to develop the most important relationship skill. Witnessing includes the ability to hold your partner’s perspectives alongside your own and to see yourself through your partners’ eyes. Witnessing can give an accurate picture of any given interaction and the relationship as a whole. No matter how accurate

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How a 4th-century Taoist concept is treating anxiety

The concept of non-action might just be the most powerful action to take for curbing anxiety. — Read on

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Freeing Yourself

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything—anger, anxiety, or possessions—we cannot be free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh Imagine there is a river running through you.  

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How to tame your wandering mind | TED Talk

Amishi Jha studies how we pay attention: the process by which our brain decides what's important out of the constant stream of information it receives. Both external distractions (like stress) and internal ones (like mind-wandering) diminish our attention's power, Jha says -- but some simple techniques can boost it. "Pay attention to your attention," Jha

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As If: Idealization and Ideals

It isn’t just that we need different theories for different aspects of the world, but that our best understanding may come from theories or models that are not strictly true, and some of which may contradict one another. This is a liberating outlook, though care must be taken not to let it become too liberating.

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The Consciousness Deniers

What is the silliest claim ever made? The competition is fierce, but I think the answer is easy. Some people have denied the existence of consciousness: conscious experience, the subjective character of experience, the “what-it-is-like” of experience. Next to this denial—I’ll call it “the Denial”—every known religious belief is only a little less sensible than

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How do I know I exist?

Could you be living inside a simulation created by a more advanced intelligence? Where does your unerring belief that you are not come from? — Read on

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Electric wave engulfs brain at first blush of consciousness

Our brains are bombarded with information about events around us, but we only become conscious of a few of them. Yale researchers have captured what happens in the split second before the emergence of consciousness, a fundamental state of human life. “There is a very tight window of a few milliseconds when we come aware

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Exorcists Run Online Demon-Busting Service

As Italy has experienced a massive explosion in demand for exorcisms, an independent organization offers demon-busting services in 24 countries that can be ordered online. The Order of Exorcists has an easily accessible "Contact Us" form to request an investigation and an exorcism. The family or person needing help – please make the request via

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