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Is marijuana bad for your brain? - Anees Bahji

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One study suggested that photography, confidence, and self-awareness are related. Not too surprising. Those with low confidence may eventually avoid looking at photographs or taking pictures altogether, hoping to avoid evaluation, especially from people they know. For some, this means that at best they freeze up in front of cameras and at worst they flee from them. Such

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The genius — sometimes deliberate, sometimes accidental — of the enterprises now on such a steep ascent is that they have found their way through the looking-glass and emerged as something else. Their models are no longer models. The search engine is no longer a model of human knowledge, it is human knowledge. What began

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Knees Hurt? 0 (0)


The New York Times recently reported that: "One of the biggest mistakes people make with [joint pain] is to limit movement of the affected joint, which leads to stiffness and weakness that only makes matters worse1."

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A Rediscovered Short Chantal Akerman 0 (0)


The free streaming site Le Cinéma Club, which offers one film each week, has followed its spectacular rediscovery of Claire Denis’s 1991 short film “Keep It For Yourself” with something peculiarly similar yet wondrously distinctive: “Family Business,” a short film from 1984 by Chantal Akerman, in which she also stars.

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Scientists Rethink Psychedelics 0 (0)


The irony. The generation who brought psychedelic drugs to the attention of the world, may just be the ones who use them as medicine to treat anxiety and depression or simply to face death. But while researchers around the world are looking at some formerly illicit drugs in a new way, they’re doing it with

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Scientists Might Have Finally Figured out How LSD Works 0 (0)


Psychedelic Discovery Since its discovery in 1938, the drug LSD — that’s lysergic acid diethylamide — has puzzled researchers. They knew the drug had a profound effect on people, causing hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness, but they couldn’t figure out why . Source: Scientists Might Have Finally Figured out How LSD Works

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