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Lying the Truth with Emmanuel Carrère 3 (2)


WHY IS IT so difficult for people to tell the truth? I’m not just talking about pathological liars or bull-spouting politicians, pundits, and partisans who cynically spin stories to further their own opportunistic ambitions. On a subtler level, in conversations with friends, colleagues, and lovers, we justify and rationalize, exaggerate, dismiss facts, and generally create

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How Misinformation Spreads 0 (0)


Social media has facilitated the proliferation of false belief at an unprecedented scale. By modeling the ways misinformation spreads via networks of people, researchers learn how social trust and conformity affect how communities reach consensus. Adding propagandists to the models shows how easily belief can be manipulated, even when scientists collect ample evidence.

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Deception in the Animal Kingdom 0 (0)


Humans are not alone in their deceitful ways. A wide variety of animals have been found to carry out disinformation campaigns. Animals may mislead members of their own species or other species via camouflage or mimicry. When the false signaling is done with intent, it is called tactical deception—a strategy deployed by creatures ranging from

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The Search for Truth in Physics 0 (0)


Physics may seem focused on the objective determination of facts. Yet the field has just as many—perhaps more—struggles with the notion of truth as any other discipline. Quantum mechanics, for instance, suggests that particles have no definite reality—by most interpretations, their properties are undecided until measured. Lately scientists are interested in how the uncertainties of

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People Who Strongly Believe Things That Aren’t True 0 (0)


A new radio series interviews people with delusions of all kinds, from believing you are dead to thinking you are the second coming of the messiah. — Read on

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