The number of Americans age 100 and older — those born during Woodrow Wilson’s administration and earlier — is up by 44 percent since 2000, federal health officials reported Thursday….

Baby boomers, a large bulge in the population, have started to enter retirement and will soon be bumping up the numbers of the elderly to record levels. Experts are warning that the United States is unprepared to handle such large numbers of seniors, especially as the life expectancy of older people continues to rise….

“We are moving into a very different country this century,” Mr. Frey said. “It’s the very tip of the iceberg.”…

Death rates from Alzheimer’s disease increased the most over the period of the report, up 119 percent from 2000 to 2014. Death rates from hypertension also jumped 88 percent over the period. Death rates for influenza and pneumonia fell by 48 percent, for stroke by 31 percent and for heart disease by 24 percent. Even so, heart disease remained the leading cause of death for centenarians in 2014….

From The New York Times

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