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How AI Is Transforming Law Firms

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are already transforming law firms and the legal sector with predictions of full-scale disruption in the next 20 years. There are several things AI already supports in law firms from research to due diligence. Source: How AI And Machine Learning Are Transforming Law Firms And The Legal Sector

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Mind-reading AI isn’t sci-fi anymore…

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A team of Japanese researchers recently conducted a series of experiments in creating an end-to-end solution for training a neural network to interpret fMRI scans. Where previous work achieved similar results, the difference in the new method involves how the AI is trained.

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Researchers Are Learning How Machines Learn

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SAN FRANCISCO — Machines are starting to learn tasks on their own. They are identifying faces, recognizing spoken words, reading medical scans and even carrying on their own conversations. Photo The original image and three more visualizations after it was put through a neural network. The first layer is primarily detecting edges and color. The other

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Extraterrestrial Robots

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Humans are probably not the greatest intelligences in the universe. Earth is a relatively young planet and the oldest civilizations could be billions of years older than us. But even on Earth, Homo sapiens may not be the most intelligent species for that much longer.

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Fresh Ideas for Chasing Consciousness

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Scientific American (blog) - Dec 13, 2016 What is this thing we call consciousness? That latter question, folded together with the broader question of the origins and nature of awareness, has proven to be a particularly tough nut to crack.

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