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Where Have the Psychiatrist-Psychotherapists Gone?

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Psychotherapy is not only good for patients, but it is good for psychiatry, too. A skilled psychopharmacologist must have, at the very least, basic knowledge of psychodynamics and psychotherapy to be able to prescribe effectively. And the warm, empathic relationship fostered in psychotherapy can be an avenue for change in patients—and a change in perception

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Older adults’ difficulties with focusing can be used to help put a face to a name

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Everyone has experienced the awkward situation of meeting someone and then forgetting their name shortly after. Among older adults, this happens more often than not. Researchers have discovered a new method to resolve this problem by tapping into a natural memory change during aging.via Older adults' difficulties with focusing can be used to help put

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Big Brother Goes Digital

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In her seminal work The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling (1983), the sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild described a workplace practice known as “emotional labor management.” Hochschild was studying the extreme kinds of “emotional labor” that airline stewardesses, bill collectors, and shop assistants, among others, had to perform in their daily routines. They were obliged, in her

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The replication crisis in clinical psychology

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Raising awareness for the replication crisis in clinical psychology by focusing on inconsistencies in psychotherapy research: how much can we rely on published findings from efficacy trials? — Read on

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Construct Alternativism

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Personal construct psychology (PCP) is a theory of personality and cognition developed by the American psychologist George Kelly in the 1950s. From the theory, Kelly derived a psychotherapy approach and also a technique called the repertory grid interview that helped his patients to uncover their own "constructs" (ways of seeing the world) with minimal intervention

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Starting Therapy

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This is the introduction to Starting Therapy: A Book For New Therapy Clients to be released November 13th. Most people enter therapy with a vague sense that it might be worthwhile. We meditate to become calm, we work out to gain strength and live longer. We all have a pretty good understanding of how things

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