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#PlaidShirtGuy Tyler Linfesty removed from Trump rally after viral facial expressions – The Washington Post

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Tyler Linfesty, a 17-year-old high school senior, found himself standing behind Trump at the "Make America Great Again" rally in Billings, Mont. — Read on

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Ivan Ilyin, the Philosopher Behind Putin’s Russia

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Ilyin thought that “the factual world doesn’t count. It’s not real.” In a restatement of gnostic theology, he believed that “God created the world but that was a mistake. The world was a kind of aborted process,” because it lacks coherence and unity. The world of observable facts was, to him, “horrifying…. Those facts are

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Newsweek and the race to fill Google with suicide news

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The Strange Failure of the Educated Elite

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Those dimwitted, stuck up blue bloods in the old establishment had something we meritocrats lack — a civic consciousness, a sense that we live life embedded in community and nation, that we owe a debt to community and nation and that the essence of the admirable life is community before self. The meritocracy is here

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Distinguishing Reality from Vacuum

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Throughout the twentieth century, writers and thinkers who faced reality-destroying regimes kept producing similar recipes. “Live not by lies,” the Russian dissident novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote. The Czech dissident playwright and future President Václav Havel pondered the predicament of living, unquestioningly, “inside the lie”—and the uncanny power of stepping outside of it. In our case, stepping

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Trump vs. the “Deep State”

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How the Administration’s loyalists are quietly reshaping American governance. Midway through its second year, Trump’s White House is at war within and without, racing to banish the “disloyals” and to beat back threatening information. Bit by bit, the White House is becoming Trump’s Emerald City: isolated, fortified against nonbelievers, entranced by its mythmaker, and constantly

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How Game Theory Explains the Leaks in the Trump White House

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Given the poisonous atmosphere at the Trump White House, carrying out witch hunts won’t stop the leaking. The only way to address the problem is to change the culture, foster a sense of team spirit, and reward people for being loyal. In terms of game theory, you need to alter the rewards and punishments that

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The Psychology Of Fake News

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In a paper published in March in the journal Science, David Lazer, Matthew Baum and 14 co-authors consider what we do and don't know about the science of fake news. They define fake news as "fabricated information that mimics news media content in form but not in organizational process or intent," and they go on to discuss problems

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